Fun in the sun

There’s nothing more satisfying than spending some time having fun with your family. Being a mother of many is by no means easy. There are times when just getting out the door is difficult. What is a simple trip to the supermarket is 5 minutes just to get into the car. Then of course all the drama when we are actually in there. We do everything as a family. Not always by choice, by need. On a daily basis. It’s most often not pleasurable. But last weekend we spent a bit of time enjoying the sun as a family.

I have to admit, I hate play parks. I hate going to a play park and sitting there getting cold. I get irritated going around the climbing frame helping the little ones climb up. I am quietly pleased by having the older ones there to help. That makes me sound terrible. But I know some of you will say the same. I’ve been going to play parks for more than 10 years, I think I’m allowed to hate them.

The weekend brought some May sunshine. No wind and a nice warm day. Avoiding they play park it was a perfect day for the horses. We now have two horses. My mare and God’s gift pony, also known as Domino. The little pony has been backed before but not ridden much. He hasn’t been ridden since coming to me so we thought we would give it a shot.

Lewis on Domino
Lewis looking proud of his pony

Now to give you a good impression, Dom is wide. Rather wide. He’s currently chubby. He was fat and I suspect he will again be fat. He seems to gain weight from air alone. He’s a lot like a cartoon pony. Spends a considerable amount of time being crazy. By crazy I mean a bit blonde. Random rearing and squealing. Rolling as you try to lead him in from the field. Throwing buckets at us. Trying to eat clothing. Not in the slightest bit malicious, just general oddness.

 So, with the adjustable saddle in hand we tacked up and decided to go for it. My mother being a worrier, was ready to lay an egg at the prospect of her precious little grandchildren riding on this crazy pony. What if he decides to roll while someone is on? She was terrified. I was more concerned about my saddle if he did! Anyway, to prevent the egg laying I would get on and give it a try first. He’s just a little lad. But none the less I would get on. He was very good and well-mannered enough. A few pony club kicks and he got the idea that I was in fact, not just sitting there as a decoration. He was responsive and the brakes were semi working. All was good.

Lead rope attached and Granda in the lead, we rode out. The children taking turns. More stopping and swapping than actual going. I think Domino was more impressed with the grass snacks along the tack at the change-over points, than the actual riding. He was well mannered and did a fantastic job. The kids were very happy indeed.

Scott on Domino
Scott with Domino and me trying to stop Arwen snacking!


Cameron however decided he couldn’t possibly walk any further. He had to lay down on the ground. But when I asked if he wanted to ride up on Arwen with me, he jumped up quickly, feeling suddenly much better! He was not in the slightest bit worried about being on top of a nearing 16hh TBx. Yee Haa Arwen, lets run. Maybe not! Arwen was as usual perfectly behaved when ridden. She’s not so perfect on the ground. But when she’s ridden she’s such a lovely mare. Cameron loved her. She even got a kiss from him.

Riding horses back image (2)
A favourite picture on mine, Cameron hiding up in front of me

It was a beautiful day and we all had fun. I think it may have taken us double the time it would usually take me but it was well worth it. Bikes, dogs, horses and children. A recipe for fun and laughter. Much better than any play park!

Sarah x



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