Living and Growing!


Being a parent means teaching your child about life. Answering their questions and guiding them into the right choices. But sometimes those questions can lead into more questions. Then even more questions.


At school this week the older boys have been getting varying degrees of sex education. From the proper name’s onwards. It started with Stuart. He came out of school with a peculiar expression, stating that today they had done a bit of living and growing. I suddenly remembered the email from school pre-warning of the upcoming teachings. That’s good, what was it like? His expression said it all. Emm, about proper names of the girl’s and boy’s bits. It’s a little disturbing!


Holding back my laughter I said that we could talk about it when we got to the stable. On the way there, with the other boys in the car, he would describe how things were and the names. Being all boys they weren’t in the least concerned about knowing what a penis was. But the description for the girls was met with much more concern. “Did you know Scott, that a girl’s bits are called a bajina.” I snorted with laugher, as did our Steven who is 2 years older. After sorting out the naming issues I explained to Scott, who is only 7, that its where the babies come out.


On arrival at the stable the conversation moved swiftly on to the farm. So, do cows and sheep have vaginas? Yes, they do. I explained that when I have my arm inside the sheep to get the lambs out that my arm is inside the sheep’s vagina. Laughter erupted from Stuart and Steven. Scott was horrified. That’s disgusting Mum. So, when Dad has his whole arm inside the cow, it’s in the vagina? That’s right. Wow, cows have big vaginas! By this point I had tears streaming down my face with laughter.


Mum? Yes Scott? So, when you had us, did the doctors have their arm inside your vagina? Oh dear, it’s all gotten a little out of hand! After explaining that humans most definitely don’t get their babies pulled out by the arms and there are no doctors putting their arms inside vaginas, the colour retuned to Scott’s face. We ended the conversations by explaining that animals and babes are born slightly differently. That the animals come out feet first and babies come out head first. I’m sure we may have opened a can of worms.


I think society may have taught children too much already. I certainly think children are subjected to more than they were 30 years ago. I don’t remember thinking any of this at their age. But my Mum may tell a different story. I don’t think it’s possible to shelter them from everything. In fact, I think that would be wrong. It’s great that schools are on the ball and teaching our children what they need to know. They have a tried and tested method that’s open and easy going.


I got plenty questions this time round and I am sure there will be more over the weeks. I might be lucky in that I can relate it back to a farm animal. Making it easy for the younger ones to understand. I know they are younger but they will talk to each other, I can’t stop that. I just need to be more prepared than I was. Especially since Steven announced that they were watching a video about the S word. It’s going to get worse!

Sarah x



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