Standing in Thankfulness

Spring is beginning to peek around the corner. As it sit here from my work space, I can see outside the beginning of the green. The daffodils are emerging with their heads still sheathed. The early trees are beginning to show their bud. I can see the muck spreaders and ploughs out in force. Its nearly spring and the farmers are beginning to get to work. But nature has already started.

I love spring time. Second to Autumn, it’s on my favourites list. While Autumn shows us the beauty of colour. Spring show us Gods creation in anticipation of splendour. It’s like a new born baby., everyone loves it.

Yellow and browned grass is just starting to show its little spikes of green. Before we know it, grass will have sprung in abundance. The mower and the balers. Horses will be let out on tracks. The early spring calves and lambs out enjoying the new growth.

I can’t wait to see the daffodils. Showing their bright yellow. A symbol of hope. A hint of the colours to come. Instant colour to the dull brown of winters creation. Surely it’s not a coincidence that God gave us such brightness for hope of the new year’s coming harvest. He really had it all planned.


But the beginning of this will signal the start of the lonely house wife, single mother of many. Already finishing times have extended from 6pm to 9pm. Its only just started and the times are ticking ever later. Take two dinner time happens in the evening. I’ve not yet progressed to bringing dinner to the field. Let’s leave that till the harvest! I will parent alone as a seasonal widow. The new-found love will be dressed in green. Being second to a tractor. What an embarrassment. The other half of farmers around the country will nod their head in agreement. It’s a farmer’s life.

I do love country life. Our children can grow up in a world many will never see. They will miss things like the fast lives of the towns and cities. But they can play in the freedom of grassland. Call me biased, but I’d rather see the trees than the buildings. I guess that’s how I have been brought up. I’ve always know the grassland and the freedom to run in space. As a child, we lived by a moor. We would spend hours flattening areas of grass to make dens and mazes. I remember the excitement when the grass got higher than our waist and we could hide amongst it. The smell of the grass. Gathering ladybirds on our clothes as we played. Sneaking and creeping in the hope we can catch a glimpse of the creaking grass hopper. I don’t remember seeing many of them. Surely creeping wasn’t our best trait!

It’s a life privileged with not money, but beauty. I wouldn’t change our place here. I’d certainly love for more. I think its human nature to want something more. But to be honest, I think we need to stand in the beauty around and us, and feel blessed for God’s creation. For our chance to see his work. A chance to adore it. Thankful for the chance to be brought up in all of nature’s splendour. Just look, the yellow is coming. Its nearly here.

Sarah x


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