A bit of pony love

There was a bit of excitement this weekend within the ranks. Sunday afternoon saw the arrival of the boy’s new pony. Meet Domino!

This was most certainly Gods work. I had a need for a pony and my friend had a need for a home. After some work from the man in charge we came together and solved two problems. Some tough decisions, and in despair, I prayed for help. I cried for help was a better description. I had shed many tears over the problems. I can’t confess to ever seeing my prayers truly answered. But within just a few hours, the solution came in the small chubby frame of a cheeky Welshie.domino

Now he is cute! But he is ultra-cheeky and taking great pleasure in trying out his new owner. Might I add an owner who hasn’t anything that small before. I had forgotten just how strong something that small can be. On his arrival, I expected my 16hh TBx to be a handful. Her and I have formed a lovely partnership and I rely on her obedience and an element of trust. She wasn’t terrible. Just bouncy and larger than life. But in the end the meeting went smoothly. They have already formed a nice little friendship. She even allowed him to share her feed from her bucket last night! But Arwen is 100% in charge. He’s being very submissive and she’s being reasonably polite, now only squeals a little. Domino however is cheekier than even and very vocal. I’ve never heard a horse be quite so noisy!

I’m expecting quite a bit of work to make him child proof. I want a pony who can lead and be trusted. He’s currently showing no signs of being trust worthy! However, we have a long year ahead of us and I am sure he can be nipped into shape. The children are desperate to get on him. Trying to explain that he’s not an oversized dog and an actual pony is proving challenging. Can I give him a sweetie Mum? No, you can’t he’s done nothing to deserve it! But he is cute. Yes I know he is (and he does too) but NO! I’ll not stand for a pocket pincher.

I know the next couple of weeks will be all about him trying his luck and settling in. But I won’t be taking any nonsense. I had forgotten how troublesome they can be. My mare has very good manners and it came as a shock to met by resistance when I asked him to back up! He then tilted his head to the side looking at me, aren’t I cute? No, cute wasn’t the word I was thinking.

After a tough few months, I think the boys deserve a treat and he has really come at the perfect time. When I lost my last pony, the boys missed her terribly. She was impeccably behaved and they lead her unaided. Even my Lewis, then a 3-year-old, would lead her across the field. He missed her most of all and is utterly thrilled to have this little guy staying with us. At bedtime on Sunday night, he turned to me and asked, Mum is Domino really getting to stay? When I said yes, his little eyes lit up. Well Mum, I know he’s a bit cheeky but I’m going to love him right up. And he’s going to learn to be not silly and one day Granda and Julie will look down from heaven and know that God did good. It’s a good job the lights were dimmed as he didn’t see my tears. You can never replace your horse with another, but God did good.

Sarah x



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