Only green will do

My world is tinged with green. It can only be green. It can’t be red, it most certainly can’t be blue. It has to be green. Not just any green. A specific shade of green.

You would never for one minute think, that colour could be so important. So, important that it causes grown men to act like children. Testosterone levels rising exponentially at the mere mention of the colour competition. To you and I (and a large percentage of the community), the colour is the only obvious difference. How could we be so wrong?

Many of you may have already guessed. But for the benefit of the majority, I’m talking about a tractor. Not just any tractor, the green tractor.The John Deere Tractor.

The John Deere is ruler of my household. Almost every toy model in our house is a John Deere. Lots of photos, drawings, magazines and clothes also have green tractors plastered across them.

Long before I met Michael, I would dread the sight of a tractor. A hold up in the road. If I’m being honest I still dread the sight. The only difference now being that I can think like the farmer. Ignorance is a farmer’s nightmare. A large proportion of road users have no idea how much space a Tractor needs. How they can’t quite turn like a car. How difficult it is to navigate an inconsiderately parked car. When met face on, unfortunately lots of people panic. It’s the life of a tractor driver. With strict instructions I have become a pre-thinker who understands the dilemma of the guy behind the wheel.

To the ordinary person, they all have 4 big scary wheels that look like they may squash anything in their path. They have lots of power and make lots of noise. 

That’s the theory.

But I’m afraid there is so much more to it than that. If I dare to mention a tractor is a tractor, I launch a full-scale discussion into the reasons why it’s a John Deere and not anything else. Just why they are the best and exactly how they would choose them hands down. And that’s just from the kids!

In truth, the Tractor is a wonderful invention. The trusty steed forgone for the fuel consuming beast. Some of these machines are massive. Their front wheel can be larger than me. Even the one that sits in our drive is considerably huge. I strain my neck looking up at Michael inside. Getting onto the first step is a pull yourself up kind of job. Made even more difficult by a 2-year-old dangling round my neck.

But none the less they are now essential. Life without them would be nearly impossible in the modern day. We could never cope with the current population without them. They have become the background to food production.

Indeed, we owe our thanks to the humble tractor. But in our case the Humble John Deere. Because, indeed, nothing does run like a Deere!

Sarah x


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