Open your eyes

A little look into our life with one of my Church Magazine articles


For my first post I am going to share with you one of my recent Church Magazine articles. I hope you like it.

The summer break is over. If you stand for a second and look around, what can you see?

I can see the beginning of the next step. The land around me changing from green. The wind ripples through the heads, now a moving ocean of gold. The combines ready and waiting. The grass from the baler, brushed off to make ready for the straw. The autumn. The colours turning. The end of the old and the beginning of a new.

To some of you that may have sounded crazy. Little idea of what I am talking about. But to the farming community, it signals more work. Sleepless nights for many farmers around shire. Not only from work but worry. Constant watching of the weather forecast. I become a weather guru. Calls asking for a weather check. Can you check the cows and calves please, I can’t leave the baling. Are the sheep ok? Can you bring supper out to the field? I won’t have time to get home. Those are words every farmers wife hears. School runs, farm runs and food runs. Before I know it the leaves are off the trees and the heating is switched on.

The children love the harvest. The hum of the combine makes bedtimes difficult. ‘Oh please Mummy can we go out and watch Daddy. Only for half an hour, I promise we will go straight to sleep when we get home.’ Yeah right! The secret relief when you sneak outside and feel the dampness coming down. Hearing the hum subtly turn to a groan. I can’t help my disguised little smile. It means they are nearing the end of the night. The moisture meter placed on the table with a  disgruntled thud. I wont be serving up midnight top-up meals.

I remind myself to appreciate the dry and remnants of straw before I halt the procession of tiny muddy foot prints. Soon that beautiful gold will be brown and sticky! The mothers don’t love it quite like the children. They just look outside. Follow the hum of the machine or the dust cloud or the circling seagulls. Somewhere down there, the glimpse of green. ‘Daddy!’ The shouts from the back seat.

I don’t live in a big new build with fresh crisp walls and creases. Instead cold stone walls and the trials of an old house. But I have miles of space and no-one living on my doorstep. We can’t walk across the street to school, I have to drive them there. It takes more time. But it means I always know where they are, no waiting and worrying as they straggle home on their own. Their Dad works lots, seasonally its like being a single parent. But he comes home every night. They can go and watch him when they come home from school. I have to check the cows and help with the lambing. Its dirty and smelly. But I love the animals, the new life. The boys appreciate life and death. See Gods creatures coming into the world. Its hard work when animals start to reproduce. Its heart breaking when things go wrong. But wholeheartedly rewarding when you struggle for hours, day after day to get these little creatures to suckle. Then walk in one day and there he is, standing and suckling for himself. I get told off for my tears. Toughen up quine!

We work hard, my car is dirty and smells like silage and muck. We get home late and supper is always at a different time every night. There is no bedtime routine. They fall asleep in the car or on the floor. I just shovel them up and roll them into bed. They never die from a few late nights on a school night. Reading homework if often done in the field or at the dinner table.

We live a different life to many. But we are blessed. God gave us this chance and this life. And I love it. Not always everyday. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Stop for a minute, open your eyes and enjoy your day. Whatever it may bring you.

Sarah x

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